Rubber duck Ducky personalized birthday LONGALL

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I do NOT RECOMMEND to use snaps on my handmade outfit (this is my very personal opinion. I know it is easier but, if only one side of a snaps get lost or loose you'll have a ruin outfit). However , if you prefer to get snaps just leave me a message in the notes when you check out, NO extra charge.

I can make it with any number. Any fabric or color changes available.

Blue corduroy, white number one and blue thread for name will be used by default if no notes left when you check out.

Please give me Name, size, and date needed when you check out.

Thank you.

Rubber duck Ducky personalized birthday LONGALL

REmiC's Children Clothing by C. Mata

Welcome to my Zibbet space.

My outfits are handmade by me. Fully lined Rompers. Run true to size.

Thank you,